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To help individuals live eco-centric lifestyle


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Feature Story

Mindful Consumption: A Way To Minimalistic Lifestyle

Ashish Agrawal on Mindful consumption

Mr. Ashish Agrawal is a Minimalist & a Systemic Change Enthusiast. Ashish spent a decade of his life at Gandhi Ashram at Ahemdabad. Where he adopted a minimalistic lifestyle. Which Ashish prefers to call ‘mindful consumption’. The idea was not to ‘get rid of things’ but to simply lead an ‘uncomplicated and sustainable life’ away from consumerism

Our Story

Who we Are

Just two friends trying to find inspiration and solutions to share it with like-minded people. Many of us do want to reduce our impact on nature but don’t see any feasible way. Thus, ending up with regular lifestyle and mindset.

One needs motivation and belief that it’s possible and meaningful to contribute without difficult changes in life. We are trying our bit to enable that.

In Conversation

Our dialogue with the Change makers

Someone has to think about the environment and has to work for it. Not everyone has the ability or capacity to do both. I am blessed by ‘Gau-mata’ to be able to work for the cause.
Mr. Bhimraj Sharma, Gaukriti
Shyam Sundar Mission Sustainability
The most powerful force of the nation is the government and the most powerful man of the village is the 'Sarpanch'. When he understands the need of the society and chooses to make effort, places like Piplantri would be on the map.
Shri Shyam Sundar Paliwal, Piplantri
The problem with plastic waste is unawareness among citizens on how to process it. We begin to tackle the grass root problems by creating localized solutions. Waste prevention and processing at source.
Pranav Desai, RecoSolution

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